Monday, 24 September 2012


 Last week I went to visit a dear friend of mine and to see the beauty of the third biggest city in Europe. Despite my high expectations, because everyone spoke so well of the city, I was positively surprised.
 Madrid is huge but neat and surprisingly, well-organized. There are quite a few things to visit, monuments, museums and important historical buildings but if you are not into sightseeing, people watching from a coffee shop will do as well (tip: please make sure you don't have coffee, in Madrid they don't know what that is).
 Such a vivid and colorful city, full of green as well (it has the highest number of trees and green surfaces per inhabitant in Europe).
 Here are some snaps
A bear and a madrone tree, the symbol of Madrid
The Royal Palace, only used for state ceremonies
The park behind the Royal Palace
Buen Retiro Park, an oasis in the middle of the city, you can even rent a boat
Almost perfect public transport, always on time, clean, spacious
Believe it or not, the best coffee I had in Madrid

Plaza del Callao, a small square in Gran Via (a big shopping area) with six movie theaters
Mercado de San Miguel, a 100 years old iron building market with a variety of local products.A bit too touristy for my taste, but a beautiful place
Cheese stand
Various legumes
And alcohol of course, can't go without that in Spain
Hipsterish area, La Latina, great for some drinks and tapas
Ham museum, aka Spanish paradise
Anti-austerity protests in Plaza del Sol
A note on the Bank of Spain "Save the banks, rob the poor, NO!"

The most beautiful building in Madrid, City Hall since 2007, used to be a post office
A view from the City Hall. Real Madrid supporters use this area to celebrate the big victories, sometimes even jumping into the fountain
Almudena cathedral, didn't impress me at all
Inside the Neo-Romanesque crypt

I have found countdown traffic lights so useful
Decorated street sign
Contemporary art museum Reina Sofia
The Victory of Samothrace, Yves Klein, in his IKB color

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