Thursday, 25 October 2012

Well done girls

photo credit: Gerard Julien
 I just wanted to share with you the amazing gesture these two french girls did earlier in the day in Marseille, France. Since it was first published, the picture has been retweeted thousands of times.

 The big deal about this picture isn't the fact that there are two girls kissing, it's that they were kissing in front of the outraged mass, the anti-gay marriage demonstrators- Amazing!!
 The girls said that they are both straight (not that it matters) and that they did it to demonstrate solidarity.
The world definitely needs more people like this!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Farmers market

 After a few weeks of grey, rainy days the sun came back to Milan. I've been enjoying these last days of nice weather because once it's gone we won't be seeing it here that soon. I'm so not ready to embrace fog and humidity yet!

 I love going to the farmers market, seeing so many natural colors in one place, in so many shapes and sizes inspires me and fills me with positive energy. Close to where I live there is a market on Saturday morning, they block the traffic in two perpendicular streets, take the stands out and the games begin!

Variety of flavors

Dough products, mostly from the south
Cheese and salami stand

Mushrooms, asparagus
One more reason to look forward to the weekend!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Studded ballet flats

 Studs and spikes are an absolute must have this season (next to burgundy (and) leather). In case you still haven't procured yourself this fall's trends, I made a simple DIY to be on trend easily and on the budget.

You'll need:
- a pair of simple plain ballet flats (I got mine at H&M)
- 40 10mm triangle studs (I found them on the Ebay quite cheap, but waited for a month to have them delivered from Hong Kong)
- scissors (I used them to press the studs into the shoe and to close the studs)
- 10 minutes of your precious time

 Place a stud on the front part of the shoe to your liking. Press it well onto the shoe, and close the stud on the inner side of the shoe. Continue placing the studs leaving about 10mm of space in between the two (the size of a stud) until you have the whole line covered.

Go out and show them to the world!
P.S. I love my new shoes!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Flea market Milan

 Flea markets or second hand shops aren't such a big thing in Milan, people go more for brand new. I guess it feels more posh, and that's such a big deal in here. When you go to the flea markets in London or Paris, it's such a nice feeling, even if you're just "window" shopping and don't plan on buying anything. They're packed with positive energy and it feels like everything they sell is valuable, only for the fact that it is there.
 In Milan, the situation is a bit different, here it seems that the value of the items is already lowered just for the fact that there are there. You don't go to the flea market in Milan unless you really need anything and can't get it anywhere else.
 I think it's such a pity because I love a good market's vibe.
 I made some pics even though the weather was so bad, very cloudy and dark.

A lot of moka pots

This is Porta Genova flea market, you can visit every Sunday morning from 7-14. It has been here since April 2012, the old location was Bonola, so not that many people know about it yet.