Sunday, 24 June 2012

Same mistakes

"I never did grow up
Feels like I never will
My friends are all adults
I’m still a teenage girl"
Same Mistakes by The Echo Friendly

 This song was played in one of Girls episodes (Hannah's Diary, for all of you watching, and for the all the rest, get on the bus), and I thought it was a perfect fit.
 For the end credits and for my state of mind at the moment.

Glitter sneakers

Bored with your usual white canvas sneakers or just want to add some glamour into your everyday comfy walks?!?! You're in the right place then!
I got inspired while window shopping in Milan some time ago, Miu Miu always manages to put a smile on my face. I found this amazing tutorial by Honestly...WTF, but I wanted to personalize them a bit. This is my adapted version that is less Miu Miu, more me, and the last, but not least, way less expensive. Have fun glittering!

You'll need:

- plain white sneakers
- Mod Podge or any fabric glue
- glitter
- brush
- scissors
- tape
- plastic tray or a cup

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Is pregnancy the new black!?!

_MG_6106, Photos by Lina, Flickr, CC by 2.0
 Yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who lives in Beijing. She got married a couple of years ago and is expecting her second child. We talked about life, the times when she was young and carefree (I still am) and how different ones' perspective, and not only, becomes after having a baby. The whole motherhood thing is very far from me for now and I just can't understand some things related to that. On the other hand a friend of mine always dreamt of a family life. She graduated, got a job, got married, got pregnant, quit her job and had a child. She was never the one that could stay still so as soon as she saw an opportunity, she took it. During her pregnancy and after giving birth to her baby girl, she realised the power of photography on new moms and opened a baby studio. -A baby what?!?! was my reaction, but apparently it works quite well. It is a photography studio dedicated to pregnant women and their babies. They go there to have professional photos taken so they would never forget one of the best moments in life, as they say.

 This got me thinking and I remembered that I bumped into an article on Fashionista some time ago. It is about Julia Restoin Roitfeld's pregnant magazine cover. She is very pregnant and quite undressed, showing her belly to the world. There were many others before her to do so, the first I have heard of was Demi Moore, on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 she went naked with her belly covering her sex, or something like that. She started a trend and was followed by Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Monica Bellucci and many other celebrities.
Demi Moore, by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair
 They say pregnancy is a "moment" (the way I see it it is more nine months of sickness and huge swollen feet, but lets take it as they say) when a woman feels special, fulfilled (I believe that), seductive and sexy (really?!) and probably has the need to share that state of mind and body with people around her or just to capture it so she wouldn't forget.

 Fortunately I am not surrounded by people who are pregnant, have babies, or, the last, but the worst, talk about it non-stop. In the rare occasions when this happens I feel very much like Anthony (Charlotte's gay friend in SATC) in the "I am sleeping and walking, sleeping and walking. How am I doing that?" scene.

 Isn't it enough that we get disturbed by a crying, screaming or misbehaving children all the time, almost everywhere, we are supposed to tolerate them and not to say a word because they are only children and are not doing it on purpose. That's life and I get it, but do we really have to bear them on the covers of the fashion magazines!?