Sunday, 26 August 2012

The city of ghosts

 Milan is one of those cities that gets emptied out in the summer, especially in August. The city becomes a desert. No people, no cars, no noise, no stress, just an empty city and peaceful silence. People run away from the city not only because in Italy you are supposed to go on holidays in August, but because of the unbearable heat. The city is like a boiling pot in the summer. The level of sultriness goes far above one can stand and it seems that the only ones who don't mind are mosquitoes.

Closed for the holidays sign on the shops outside of the city center
  I was lucky enough to be on the seaside during the annual heatwave, though this past few days that I've been here were more that enough for me. Yesterday I went out for a walk and wanted to take advantage of the empty stores. It was great not having to queue up for fitting rooms but it was so sad to see those streets so empty. Maybe I am too used to seeing them packed, but it felt like I got into a scene of the day after of the Independence day movie (minus all the things crashed). Well, like it or not this is the weekend when most of the population comes back and things start getting normal again.

 Have a nice beginning of the school year!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Paris is coming to you

 Don't you absolutely love the new Lanvin campaign?! In an industry where everything is about making famous even more famous I find the use of the non-professional models for the campaign quite bold. The creative director Alber Elbaz went for 18-81 years old "real people" (as if professional models were all fake) to bring the clothes back to the street.
 Even though I like to see the participants of different ages and from different backgrounds, I can't help but notice the lack of  different sizes. These one-time models could all easily be real models and our streets are a bit more various than that.
 I love how video is made, ordinary people telling random stories while showing off the fall collection.