Friday, 22 February 2013

3D pen

Isn't this cool!? It is a Kickstarter project, similar to the hot glue gun, but with a completely different output.
Now you can bring your doodles to life for $75.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Saving a sweater, elbow patches

 My flatmate had this sweater since forever I guess, though you could never tell, and she was about to trash it because both of the sleeves were torn under the elbows. Fortunately I stopped her on time, borrowed it for a couple of hours and gave it back refashioned and ready to wear, with the elbow patches on.

Firstly I mended both of the holes to prevent it from further ripping and then I just hand stitched wool patches that I previously cut out from some leftover material I had.

Have a nice week everyone!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Creepy Valentine

 I was never a big fan of Valentine's Day, I think it is too commercialized and has lost its genuine significance who knows when. Some of you may think I'm just frustrated because I'm single and, to be honest, haven't had a serious partner by my side for quite a while now, but I have actually never liked it.

 At 14 I had my first "serious" boyfriend, it was all so sweet, we'd meet after school, go for a walk, hung out at schoolmates' birthday parties, the simple life. He was a really nice guy that I'll remember forever, he was my first kiss after all. On Valentine's Day the whole city was running around with red roses, and different types of heart shaped goods, I got out of school and there he was, my boyfriend, with a yellow rose in his hands (no, he wasn't stingy, he just couldn't find another red rose because they were sold out). It was a nice gesture, but isn't it lame!? Even a kid got trapped into a consumer wheel. I didn't appreciate the rose and I was quite clear about it, wouldn't it be so much nicer if he just came, said "Happy Valentine's" and kissed me.
Or he could have written me a note or something, I'm sure I would have kept that!

 (When I was 7, on Valentine's my classmate gave me a hand written card with a note saying he loved me and that the dried rose that was attached to it was the rose his dad gave to his mom many years before that. That is romance!)

 I got a bit out of the track, the plan wasn't explaining my Valentine's Day cons, the idea was to let you know why this Valentine has been a bit creepy for me.
 My building's concierge is a single man in his 30s, not so good looking, someone people would refer to him as a loser. I've always had a nice professional relationship, I smile, say hello, comment the weather time to time, to make the long story short, he fell in love with me, or at least he says so. When I came back to Milan after Christmas holidays, he gave me a present, a perfume. I thought it was rude to refuse so I thanked him and took it.
 This morning he rang for me to come down to pick up a package, too bad it was from him. It was an orchid, a red rose and a crystal statue of a bear with a red heart pendant. I hate these kind of gifts!!! But he doesn't have to know that, it's ok, he doesn't know me. On the other hand, why would you do something like that for a person who told you didn't like you, and didn't want you in her life?! When I said I was uncomfortable receiving gifts from him he said he wants us to be friends! So smart, on the lovers' day you give me a red hearted gift that should be saying lets be friends.
The thing is that these are just some of the things he has done over the years, and when a friend of mine showed me this trailer I had to share it with you. He even looks a bit like a guy from the movie. I don't think I will see this movie as long as I live in this building, but in case I get a rash, I will let you know. :)

 I'm sure we all have our own opinion on days like these, and I'm also sure it changes with the changes in our life and with our situation. If I'd be cuddling with my boyfriend, I'm sure I wouldn't be "freaking out" over my concierge situation.
Hope you had a nice day and will be having an even better night. Sleep tight lovelies!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Artsy Sunday

This past weekend we had the most amazing sunny Sunday in Milan, especially if you consider it has been snowing non-stop today, actually it still is while I'm writing this. A clear blue sky isn't something we get to see often, especially during colder months. The total absence of wind leaves the sky covered with clouds and smog so when you get a nice sunny day, you have to take advantage of it.

It seemed like a perfect time to go and see Tomas Saraceno's "On space time foam" installation that I've heard so much about. Unfortunately by the time I got there all the 360 places were taken (I didn't know you have to go there in the morning and sign up for that day because it is that popular).
I still got a chance to see what it was like, although it is completely different if you actually get inside the bubbles (my flatmate managed and said it was an amazing experience, quite similar to trampoline).
This is where it took place
Don't they remind you of spider-man?

 We also got to see Amsel Kiefer's "The seven heavenly palaces", basically seven towers made from cement slabs that represent the metaphysical principles corresponding to the various levels of human participation in the divine. This is a permanent installations in Hangar Biocca.

 Milan is famous for having quite inefficient public transportation, so we were very happy when we found out that the opening of the seven stops of the new subway line was on Sunday and that one of these was Bicocca, exactly the place we were going at. In the end we ended up walking more than half an hour to the exhibition place because the stop turned out to be so far from where we were going, but it was a nice walk in the sun so we didn't mind. We did take the regular regional train back downtown though.
  I was so excited when I saw you can actually see where the train is going since there is no driver's cabin.

Have a nice week!