Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Farmers market

 After a few weeks of grey, rainy days the sun came back to Milan. I've been enjoying these last days of nice weather because once it's gone we won't be seeing it here that soon. I'm so not ready to embrace fog and humidity yet!

 I love going to the farmers market, seeing so many natural colors in one place, in so many shapes and sizes inspires me and fills me with positive energy. Close to where I live there is a market on Saturday morning, they block the traffic in two perpendicular streets, take the stands out and the games begin!

Variety of flavors

Dough products, mostly from the south
Cheese and salami stand

Mushrooms, asparagus
One more reason to look forward to the weekend!

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  1. Lovely pics! Definitely understand why those markets fill you with energy:) And we already have fog here and it is so depresing! Hate this kind of weather. So enjoy the sun:)