Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Drug half-faces

 When I was a kid, my dad took me and my brother to a drug rehabilitation center to show us the gravity and the consequences that the consumption of drugs has on one's life. We had a chance to talk to people who were in the treatment and it had quite an impact on me and on my seeing of the things that were so far from me. Taking us there was a bit radical, but I have found it to be a great educational measure.
 Everyone has their own philosophy of values in life and having the values that my parents taught me it is hardly possible for me to fall into the trap of drug use, but our visit to the rehab has had it's part for sure.
Photo credit: Roman Sakovich

 Roman Sakovich, a Lithuanian photographer based in London, inspired by the experience of his friends, created portraits that show what people look like before and after abusing substances. The artist did it to visualize the influence of drugs on our bodies.
 Make-up artists used theatrical makeup on one side of the face and kept the other side normal. Costume designers did their best to allow the photographer to do everything in-camera rather than in post-production.

The series is called Half . Visit Roman Sakovich's website for the other images.
Photo credit: Roman Sakovich
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  1. wow.. while I would have never thought to do what your dad did it makes sense. He did a brave thing.