Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Candied orange peel

 This sweet snack is perfect with an afternoon cup of tea, with a bitter liqueur after dinner or pretty much with anything anytime. Put in decorative glass jars tied with holiday ribbon it makes a very nice hostess gift for the upcoming holiday season. You can also store them in a candy jar on the table to treat your guests.

The process is pretty simple but it takes 5-7 days (depends on the thickness of the orange peel), so make sure you start in time. The recipe I am using is very old, there are some quicker versions that allow you to do everything in a day, but if you start early, this one requires less work and I think it comes out better (I have never done it any other way though. I might try it next time).

What you'll need:
- 8 organic oranges (not treated with pesticides because the chemicals remain in the peel)
- 500 g sugar (for 500 g peel)
- 250 ml water

1. Score the orange vertically into 6 pieces (cutting through the peel and not into the flesh of the fruit).
2. Peel the skin and white pith off of the oranges in large pieces.
3. Slice the peels into long strips approximately 0,5 cm thick.
4. Put the peels into a bowl and cover with cold water. Leave it there for 3-7 days (the thicker they are, the longer they stay) and change water twice a day (you should change it because it might go bad). We do this to remove the bitterness from the peels.
(Parts of my peels were soaked for 3, 5 and 7 days. I did it separately because I couldn't eat all the oranges in a day.)
5. Drain well the orange peels and weigh them (use the same amount of sugar or a bit less).
6. Cook the peels with water over a medium heat until slightly tender (about 15 mins), uncovered.
7. Add sugar to the pan, reduce the heat to low and stir gently time to time.
8. Simmer until the syrup is quite thick (about 30 mins).
9. Set a few baking sheets, remove peels from syrup and roll in sugar, separating strips.
10. Let dry for 2 days.


Enjoy it!


  1. i tried making these once and i completely failed. i'll give yours a try!

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  2. These look delicious and such a fun idea for Christmas :)

  3. Humm it seems really good :)