Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Artsy Sunday

This past weekend we had the most amazing sunny Sunday in Milan, especially if you consider it has been snowing non-stop today, actually it still is while I'm writing this. A clear blue sky isn't something we get to see often, especially during colder months. The total absence of wind leaves the sky covered with clouds and smog so when you get a nice sunny day, you have to take advantage of it.

It seemed like a perfect time to go and see Tomas Saraceno's "On space time foam" installation that I've heard so much about. Unfortunately by the time I got there all the 360 places were taken (I didn't know you have to go there in the morning and sign up for that day because it is that popular).
I still got a chance to see what it was like, although it is completely different if you actually get inside the bubbles (my flatmate managed and said it was an amazing experience, quite similar to trampoline).
This is where it took place
Don't they remind you of spider-man?

 We also got to see Amsel Kiefer's "The seven heavenly palaces", basically seven towers made from cement slabs that represent the metaphysical principles corresponding to the various levels of human participation in the divine. This is a permanent installations in Hangar Biocca.

 Milan is famous for having quite inefficient public transportation, so we were very happy when we found out that the opening of the seven stops of the new subway line was on Sunday and that one of these was Bicocca, exactly the place we were going at. In the end we ended up walking more than half an hour to the exhibition place because the stop turned out to be so far from where we were going, but it was a nice walk in the sun so we didn't mind. We did take the regular regional train back downtown though.
  I was so excited when I saw you can actually see where the train is going since there is no driver's cabin.

Have a nice week!

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