Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lithuania, a single at a wedding and chunks

 This past weekend one of the dearest people in my life got married. My gal, my party-mate and a person who says the words at the same time with me even though we don't see each other or communicate in any way at all, for years, someone who understands me and whom I'll always be fond of.
 My feelings have put my expectations quite high, and I know that even if it would have been really bad, I'd still have had a great time, but it was AMAZING. Nothing more to add.

It was my first time in Lithuania and I knew quite a few things about the country, the people, the traditions, but everything way so surprisingly nice. Most of it thanks to my very welcoming friends and all the positive energy that was floating around us at all times.
 I was amazed by how warm and friendly everyone was, I guess I was expecting more of a northern county treatment but what I received was happy, smiling, ready to help people.

I flew to Vilnius, the capital city, but then I went to the seaside because that is where the wedding was. I stayed at my friend's family house and enjoyed every single bit of it. They were sooo nice to me, but it's my friend's parents, so I guess that doesn't count. It felt like home.

 The weather was nice and sunny, just the right temperature, which was important since the wedding ceremony was close to the beach. It was an international wedding but I had most fun with the locals. :)
Lithuanian guys are really something, trust me on this one. It is always a bit weird not having a date at a wedding, but I think it was much better this way :)
Washing our feet in the Baltic sea
Love the female only beach sign
No need to wash strawberries and some pretty good
black currant wine
A lake at my friend's parents country house
Lighting paper lanterns on the beach
The beach at 6or 8 am, after the wedding
Driving back to Vilnius
Rainy Vilnius view from the University tower
Angel statue in Užupis, an independent bohemic neighborhood in Vilnius and Lithuanian Pont des arts
Now that I've seen it, I can definitely say I will come back, as soon as I can.

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