Monday, 23 April 2012

My Milan Design Week 2012

 The show, also known as Milan Furniture Fair is THE event of the year in Milan. Fashion weeks are important, but since not attainable to the masses, are not as fun, as innovative, as animated and ironically, because something exclusive and only for the privileged, are too commercial, unlike the design week.
 It is that one week in spring when the streets of an already fast-paced city become home for everyone, from the street artists to the big names of design (and not only), and most importantly, to the common people. Originally it started as the furniture fair but nowadays it has transformed in a week of joy on the streets of Milan. There is art, music, food and beverage on every corner of the city and you can choose whether to participate actively (a lot of workshops) or just as an observer.

I bring you bits and pieces of my Design Week:

Tortona area:
- if I would have to choose only one place to visit during design week it would definitely be this area.

 Exhibitions and installations during the day and parties in the late hours.

Salami t-shirts, anyone?

The Fiction Hotel

 Melissa plastic shoes

 I was like snow white... then I let myself go...

Bags and helmets made out of tires

A few books

Handmade bags entirely made out of zippers

 Exhibition in a private apartment

The band

DJ set
- a workshop where you can eat your own artworks, made out of bread and colors

 Before heading to La Triennale di Milano I stopped by Just Cavalli Hollywood for a Cocktail Party Jeep Syncro Car. It was like any other Milanese happy hour, more black ties, less hipsters. They could have done it better in my opinion. Fully packed bar and no music in the outside area, a huge minus.

 La Triennale di Milano was very nice. It was like a lot of small exhibitions in one.
The product that caught my eye the most was a silicon armchair (not only because I had insanely high heels). There was a room full of colorful, cozy armchairs that are made out of silicon and filled with foam (weight 80 kilos per piece) and are one-off. The product is called Iperbolica and costs 15000 euros in case someone is interested in getting one.

Hogan - Future Roots

Repower - Homines Energetici


That would be it for this year, stay tuned until the next one!


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  1. I soo dare to looooooooove this blog.... It's shaping to be really interesting and I look forward to reading it....
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