Monday, 30 April 2012

Who would buy it

Is it me or is something wrong with this picture, a flowery swim cap, € 25!?!
I have to highlight that I saw this on the way back home from Chinatown, aka everything seems bloody expensive compared to the prices there.
I might not be retro enough, so I won't even consider explaining why I would never think of wearing it outside the movie set/ theater play about the bourgeoisie wives in the 60s in the South of France who drink champagne from a coupe glasses by the pool while their husbands are somewhere in the bush with one another, their maid or maybe a golf caddy, with the excuse they went hunting. Yes, the revelation scene would be when one of the wives gets out of the pool with the 25€ cap and discovers her husband's secrets. For me that would be the only reasonable, justified, worthy  reason to spend that much money on this cap. Her shocked face would be something like mine when I saw the price tag.
Ok, ok, i might have lost myself in the scenario somewhere between champagne and Cote d'Azur but it wasn't my intention to comment on the fact that they sell this item in a shop in the central Milan, but the fact that they are actually asking that kind of money for something like this. I might be ignorant about fashion and style, but I sure ain't one when we talk about common sense.
Have a lovely day beauties

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