Saturday, 7 July 2012

Be aware: summer burglaries

 Last night burglars broke into my house. It was empty and some windows were open. They climbed up an outdoor gas pipe to second floor and came in through the bathroom window. My flatmate came back home around 1 a.m. and found them while trying to escape. They were actually running away because they heard someone was at the door. She shut the window while one of them was still getting out, scared to death, I guess, I know I definitely would be. They haven't had enough time to take anything with them, or they haven't found anything that pleased them, but they did dig through my drawers, especially the jewelry drawer...

So I thought.

 ...until now. I just opened my jewelery drawer to double check and realized my "good" jewelry boxes were empty. Fortunately I didn't have all of my jewelry there, but what I had is gone.
 The doorkeeper told me it's usually underage gypsies who do these things, they're small, agile and if they get caught they can't be arrested because of their age. I don't want to be racist nor do I have anything against gypsies (I personally find it's more a choice of a lifestyle), but there might be something there about this burglary and them. The only thing they took (that I am aware of so far) is gold jewelry. Laptops, cameras, sunglasses, bags, shoes (what about fashion robbery!?) are left exactly where they were, not in some hidden spots, but where you can clearly see them the moment you enter the room.

 Not that knowing who did it matters, unless they bring me back my babies, but the fact that there was a stranger in my home, digging through my personal belongings is very unpleasant. I also have to add the fact that we slept (aka spent the night) with our blinds fully down and our windows closed. In Milan. In July. With no air conditioning  or any other type of cooling besides putting whatever-part-of-the-body-that-fits in the freezer for a while. Lets just say I wouldn't want to do it again.

 It is important to talk about these things and to be alert. Close everything when you leave the house, if you are leaving for a longer period, let your neighbors know and if they are away, give a look at their house time to time. A stitch in time saves nine. It might not keep you away from thieves, but don't facilitate them either.

Gas pipes they climbed up

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I am sorry for your jewelry! ((

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  2. Oh my God, I'm so sorry! That must be so scary. Hope you're okay.

    1. Not a nice feeling knowing someone was there, but after I washed the whole place it already felt better. A good thing was that they run away immediately, because you never how they can react... I'm so happy for you to move to London, I know you wanted to do that for a while now.