Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Apple strudel (vegan)

apple strudel
This is the one I made recently, with the supermarket puff pastry
 From what I managed to find out on the internet the original apple strudel is vegan, that's why I have it in brackets. This isn't a simplified version which lacks something or has it substituted, this is the real deal.
 Even though it's one of my favorite desserts and my go to hostess gift for dinner parties (and not only) this is the first time I did everything by myself. I would usually buy the puff pastry, reducing working time on 10 minutes. I thought it was about time to take a plunge and get my hands dirty.


-200 g all-purpose flour
-pinch of salt
-1 teaspoon white vinegar
-approx 1/2 cup lukewarm water

-3 apples (2 or 4 would work as well)
-2 tablespoons raisins (soaked in the rum and lukewarm water)
-1 tablespoon pine nuts (toasted)
-2 tablespoons demerara sugar (or any other)
-cinnamon (as much as you like, I think it's never enough)
-juice of half lemon
-breadcrumbs if you like, I skipped this

 Mix the flour in a bowl with with salt and vinegar, add some water and start working it. Add more water gradually as you need it, you'll figure out how much water you need, the dough shouldn't be too sticky. Form a ball and leave it covered on the room temperature for half an hour.

 Cut the apples (I peeled them as well) into small pieces, add lemon juice, raisins, pine nuts (I chopped them up a bit), sugar and cinnamon.

 Roll out the dough on a floured working surface, as thin as you can, into a rectangular shape. Spread your filling over the dough and fold the dough. Close the end like an envelope.

Oven for 40 minutes on 180°C.

Sprinkle with icing sugar.

My strudel turned out a bit pale, so I might have put the oven on 200°C as well, will try that the next time.

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