Monday, 18 March 2013

Girls, season 2 finale

 For all of you who still haven't seen it, stop reading now, watch the finale and then come back!

 For all rest, what was that?!? Even though I am a huge fan of SATC, Gossip Girl and other chic lit shows, I loved Girls because it was different. It wasn't a happily ever after show and television lacked that in this, young girls/ big city context. It was real, dramatic and, sometimes, disgusting, but that kept it real, closer to us. I'm sure there were times when each one of us could have related to one of the characters, at least for what we could have done. It was no fake promises, stockings from Germany or macarons from Paris, less Nora Ephron, more real life. In the last night's episode it felt as if Lena Dunham said 'let them eat cake'.
 As a result we got:
 Marnie and Charlie are back for good. No, no and no! He should have dumped her after everything he's been through for her, she never really cared about him. I simply don't believe in this type of second chances, I'm sorry Marnie.
 Hannah and Adam? Could have predicted that when they left him in the series, but I so don't like it.
 Shoshanna and Ray? One good thing, that girl has to live her life and not being stuck at home with her world-hating boyfriend.

 I was sure Natalia, or whatever her name was, would dump Adam after he got drunk and kind of raped her. Kind of because in this episode, she is still there, having sex with him, which confirms her consent for the abuse scene from the previous episode. I thought that was totally wrong, but if I think about it better, this is how us girls are, masochists when it comes to men.

My opinion on this season finale isn't the best one because it changed my whole perspective on the show, but I'm looking forward to the third season to see what way it will go.

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